Mark Anthony Larmand

( guitars & vocals )

Mark has been playing & writing music since he was 7yrs old. He started on guitar and picked up bass & keyboards in his early 20s. His main tool for composition is a keyboard, facilitating samples and sequencing, along with live recording.

Mark’s professional experience spans about 35 years. This includes studio and live gigging.

He started out playing good old Rock; like most young guys back in the 70s. Then followed that genre for about 5 or 6 years. But after that he wanted to explore his musicality more in depth, so he studied artists like Allan Holdsworth, Earl Klugh, George Benson, John Scofield, Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck, Al DiMiola, John Mclaughlin, Chick Corea, Herbie Handcock, Jeff Lorber, and many other top Jazz & Fusion artists of that decade. He has always been primarily a self-taught musician.

In the mid 80’s Mark joined a well known Vancouver Funk/R&B band named “H.B. Concept” (short for “Henry Brown”). For the next 15yrs he was immersed in this genre. The keyboard player and he also hired themselves out as a unit. Aside from duo gigs at Jazz bars, they played for the top solo artists on the circuit at that time like Ron Haywood (formerly lead vocalist for ‘Stripes’), Joni Bye, Lori Paul, Cathy St.Germaine (also from ‘Stripes’), Buddy Guy, and a few others. It was a lot of fun and he learned a lot about those styles. No matter what he’s written since those days, those 2 styles specifically have always been in-the-mix for him. Some of his favorite Funk/R&B/Soul artists are Prince, Morris Day, EWF, The BeeGees, Marvin Gaye, Bobby Caldwell, anything Quincey Jones touched, The Dooby Brothers, and lots of others from that time.

Mark also has a diploma in Commercial Jazz. His musical influences range from old spaghetti westerns to Cool Jazz to 70s rock, Fusion & R&B/Soul. Mark’s personal preference though is jazz fusion/smooth jazz, but he writes and plays just about any style; or is at least willing to try ;). He has a collection of movie/tv styled scores also. That’s always been a favorite pastime of his.